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Hello! This is Bigsis Ukraine. :) I'm a serious Hetalia fan from Finland. This blog is mostly about Hetalia but I reblog other things, too. N.B. There is a NSFW -warning in this blog!
This is rather late but…


I’m so happy about this.


It’s not just in one screen like this.


But this:





Studio Deen actually did something right!

My sweet crack OTP…

UkFin & FinRus <3




I got UkFin and FinRus feels from this. :D






Btw, I re-watched episode 13 of Hetalia Beautiful World and I’m having terrible OTP feels right now. I’m yearning for UkFin but I’m too lazy to make any art/fanfic about them myself… Shipping a rare ship such as this is a real torture sometimes… 

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*sighs* Found beautiful art but…

I can’t find sources for these two beautiful pieces of art (under the cut). If someone knows the source, I would be very very happy. I could ask the original artist about their art. Maybe they don’t want those ones to be reposted or anything and that’s why their original sources cannot be found - I know that much, but it would be nice to be able to even talk to the artist. 

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timidkoala said:
Wait, what's happening in Scotland?

You can read about it here

It looks like some kind of a riot is happening there. 

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i do not fucking care where you live

please spread the word about what is happening in scotland right now

Anonymous said:
LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear anon, I love you. 

Who are you?

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