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Hello! This is Bigsis Ukraine. :) I'm a serious Hetalia fan from Finland. This blog is mostly about Hetalia but I reblog other things, too. N.B. There is a NSFW -warning in this blog!

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I got a huge laughing fit because of this one photo at DA… It was of a woman giving birth to her child and of course the picture had been manipulated and they had used Hetalia to it.

It shows England being the mother trying to get the baby America out of his stomach and Finland is helping him with France. Naturally baby America’s first scream is: “Freedom!” x’D

Because of it’s rather nsfw nature I wont post that picture here, instead here’s a link to it: view at your own risk…







ja ja ja ja ja
a spanish person laughing or a german person during sex???

you decide

Finnish person struggling to remember what they were about to say next

polish person trying to get themself noticed

portuguese person trying to hush other people

Chinese person trying to do calculations

swedish person wanting to get out of a conversation

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just call me W.I.P. the blog

i wanted to end my arthur spree with realism and stuff but now i feel like this’ll just end up looking shoddy and unfinished no matter what bleeehhhhhhh



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