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Hello! This is Bigsis Ukraine. :) I'm a serious Hetalia fan from Finland. This blog is mostly about Hetalia but I reblog other things, too. N.B. There is a NSFW -warning in this blog!
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If you can show me a man that looks better than Richard Armitage in military uniform I will give you my first born


I see your Tennant and raise you Hiddleston and Cumberbatch


i see your hiddleston and cumberbatch and raise you ackles


I acknowledge your Ackles and raise you Rogers




Have a Sebastian Stan



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I suddenly started to imagine England and Finland walking around in the woods with Hanatamago, when England spots a cute little fairy behind the branches. Soon there’s a tiny Christmas elf as well and they start dancing toghether.

England and Hanatamago are seeing everything and knowing Arthur, he’s overjoyed of the sight. Then again Finland can’t see magical creatures (he has lost that ability long time ago) and is puzzled of what those two are so excited about. He starts pouting because he wants to see that too. 

And that’s too cute!!!! x3

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here some spoilers from the video project! this is the best part of the video, I think…. I just love them. they so love eachother!


Heartless!Taisto VS Snapped!Tino

Who do you think would win? C: I am sure many people already know the answer C:

fun fact, when I was cutting this part in the video, I accidentally moved them way too close, and it looked like this:


it looked like Taisto is poking Tino’s eye out >3>” and now image, this is moving the two pics and moving closer to eachother, so Taisto’s weapon slowly goes into Tino’s head/eye…. yeah, I totally had to move them further from each other xD

other fun thing. I was drawing both pictures on same file (used different group/sets for the pics) and when I was done with one, I hide that and drew the other. when I was done with both, I let both visible on an accident


they are really CLOSE brothers, don’t you think?

well, I hope I can finish the video soon, only the collab part is missing, I have less then 2 days to collect more pics!

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imagine england in his punk phase joining riots and the queen dragging him by the ear back to buckingham palace 

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